Since my childhood, I always wanted to help the needy every possible way I can! I am very fortunate that I live in one of the most developed country where everyone gets an opportunity to dream and achieve it by working hard. There is not any shortcut to success, so we must work hard towards achieving our goals. Beside my Professional career, I like to play cricket, watch cricket/football/basket ball/hockey etc.

Here are few things I have been part of and enjoy every bit of the things I do:

  1. Built a school in Mankha, Sindhupalchowk, Nepal.
  2. Coordinated & helped the earthquake survivors in Nepal.
  3. Managed & hosted various fundraising events.
  4. Volunteered in Junior Football League as scorer.
  5. Volunteered as I.C.C. Regional Representative  Selector for USA Women Cricket Team РMid-west Region
  6. Organized a friendly Cricket T20-Tournament.
  7. Always looking to learn and update my blogging skills.
  8. Built a website for Global Nepali Film Awards event.
  9. Designed and maintaining www.developinghands.org along with various other sites.
  10. Always wiling to support & give back to community
  11. Currently working as State Manager for National Cricket League, representing Colorado.

Please visit www.DevelopingHands.org for more info regarding my contribution & involvement in charitable social work.