An accomplished IT Systems Analyst and technical professional with proven managing and consulting experience in CIP Compliance, Application, Server, Network, Database, and Storage combined with project management, people management, solution architecture, and system integration experience. Over 12 years of experience in the IT technical domain, to include IT systems management, training management, and storage, server, network, database and application support in enterprise environment. Proven ability to coordinate/manage technical teams with on/off-site and offshore models, while monitoring and adhering to technical SLAs. Highly motivated and fast learner with an ability to quickly analyze, understand, and articulate the management of complex technical problems. Significant experience tackling multiple projects, utilizing highly demanded project planning, issue management, risk mitigation, efforts estimation analysis, and system integration skills.
Areas of Expertise
• Project/Program management and planning
• IT Strategy and Planning
• Risk/Quality Management
• Vendor Management
• Team building and Problem solving
• Enterprise Systems and Data Center operations
• System/Applications upgrades, Installations and Configurations
• Training Management
• GE XA21 Maintenance / Linux-Windows Mixed Environment

  • Experience in NERC/CIP Requirements & involved in multiple CIP Audits
    Current Roles:-